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Violence interruption is risky business. Find out why former gang members engage in this work or find it too challenging, thanks to Joseph D. Johnson and David W. Everson, in our latest issue. #Sociology #Criminology #CrimeInterruptors #CommunityActivism

In case you have ever wondered what #georgia prison food looks like, this is their version of a ham sandwich.

Not the worst #prison food I have seen but ooof.

Ugh, these new Twitter refugees are ruining the place for long-standing community members like me who have been here for ten days.

Why I rebooted Mastodon Server.

Once I had a mastodon solo server., and rebooted 2022 Nov 5.

I won a Japanese literary award in 2018 with a novella collection including an episode about developing a decentralized transport protocol based on #mastodon when/if #Twitter obeys censorship laws by big countries.

The title of that novella is “On the Shoulder of the Giant Elephant”.

This year’s flu season is rough. Coupled with a still evolving coronavirus, it’s going to be a hard winter. Mask, sanitize and don’t stop being diligent. I got Cov-19 for the first time since pandemic started in August, my 13 yr brought it home and within days the entire household. I got the flu this week for the first time ever, and it’s been brutal. My 13 yr old came home sick and, as per the rules Mommy got it. Stay safe

Leslie Feinberg died six years ago today. In memory, the author's novel, , is available for free download or at-cost print.

Most questions about the Fediverse's long term sustainability and survivability can be answered by looking at Automattic.

1. Does it scale? Yes.
2. Can it be extended and customized? Yes.
3. Can the non-technical average Joe be comfortable enough to self-host? Yes.
4. Can institutions embrace it? Yes.
5. Can an ecosystem be built around it? Yes.

The operating model has already been built and been proven long ago.

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Automattic is one of the most important companies on the Internet.

They make Tumblr, WooCommerce, Akismet, LongReads, WordPress—among others.

WordPress alone powers ~44% of the world's websites.

More interesting: despite being such a large, dominant company, few people hate Automattic.

Why is this? 🧵

Stunner of a piece by the homie The wit, analysis, and insight into why biphobia is just kind of silly, in the end, is *chef's kiss*

The internet wasn't intended to be 3 websites with enough power to turn us into doomscrolling zombies, sway public policy and lead to the collapse of democracy.

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Gàidhlig Word of the Day #GWOTD - Trans Week of Awareness Edition

Today’s word is TAR-NEACH, a noun which means a transgender person

An example sentence is: Tha iad tar-neach (They are a trans person)
#gàidhlig #gaelic #language #learning #trans #transgender #scotland #scottish #gaeliclearning #TWOA

And now we know that what Elon Musk meant by "citizen journalists" was Libs of TikTok....sigh

There should be no slowdown, the last two years of dealing with Manchin and Sinema should convince EVERYONE that we need EVERY SINGLE SENATOR we can get....Georgia is still HUGE!

I still love seeing CWs. As a gendered, sexuality-based, disabled marginalised person, they've improved my experience online 1000-fold in a couple of weeks.

I understand others' feelings on them, have read a lot, and would never dictate to anyone else when to [not] use them, but I really *really* appreciate it still when people do.

🏳️‍⚧️ support incarcerated trans folks 


For #TransAwarenessWeek I encourage everyone to get familiar with, share and financially support (if you can afford to do so) the Beyond Bricks & Bars Trans & Gender Diverse Decarceration project.

Trans folks are unemployed at 4x the rate of the general population in so-called Australia. Poverty is criminalised and trans folks are discriminated against in the (in)justice system. The Incarcerated Trans & Gender Diverse Fund is used to support people currently and formerly incarcerated, and also to create employment opportunities for folks once they’re out. It is run by trans folks for trans folks. Show your solidarity and share widely!

CW: Horniness and lychees 

"Well, sexy keeps to itself. Sexy means knowing that you’re wanted. And horny is… just wanting. What about beautiful though? I think that things can be horny and beautiful. For example: a lychee. I would like to be more open about my horniness."

River L. Ramirez to Charlie Markbreiter in a delightfully unhinged interview for SSENSE


Fellow sociologists and qualitative researchers: How do you practice self-care when dealing with difficult, upsetting data? I'm working on a project at the moment that is often really depressing, and it's hard to not be angry, or lose focus. I have my little rituals but I'm interested in what everyone else does. #academia

These mini articulated skeletons were party favors, given out to guests at Roman feasts as a reminder to enjoy the pleasures of the day, for death would soon come.

The bronze figures, which ‘danced’ when shaken, were called larva convivialis, (banquet ghosts), and were made 25 B.C.– 100 A.D.
📷: from the Getty Villa

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