In one of #Illinois' poorest cities, residents of a public housing #apartment complex must move soon so the federal govt. can raze their home.

#HUD officials told residents they’d get vouchers & moving assistance — little comfort to the many residents who want to stay in Cairo.

Most will have to move at least 30 miles away to new homes in other #PublicHousing complexes or private-market #rentals.

"I don't know where I'm going to go."

By Molly Parker

“This is not a culture war, not a discussion, this is a war, and the Nazis are not subtle about this point, which is why there has been a staggering 320% rise in violent “far-right” attacks over the past five years that have killed hundreds.”

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discussion of suicide 

@danjones000 In the past, when I've referred to Aaron's death, I've gone the other direction. I might say, "What the government was doing to him must have been too much to face, and he killed himself."

I guess I don't like the phrase "committed suicide" either, but for different reasons. It sounds clinical, distant. While I agree that Aaron was a victim, I guess I think that great value comes from being honest and direct about the reality and horror of the situation.

discussion of suicide 

@danjones000 @weareintolerant Dan, I understand your concern. I agree, as well, that Aaron was a victim. I would say, though, that he was a victim of state persecution. The phrase you suggest, "died by suicide," simply takes away his agency. Is that your intent? That his suicide was out of his control (due to mental illness or other factors)?

If the intent is to remove agency, we could also say he died by hanging. That seems to miss the point, though.

Stigma around suicide. Words matter. 

@joecluxton @weareintolerant Joe, as someone with the greatest love and respect for Aaron, I feel like it would be a disservice to gloss over the specific nature of his death, since it is directly related to the wild and injust persecution he faced from the federal government.

Are you suggesting using words that somehow don't perpetuate stigma, or are you suggesting we don't talk about it because of the stigma?

We have just reposted this, there were a number of tweaks it needed;
1. clarification that Aaron was not convicted
2. An objectively important addition that was in the thread but given there’s no show thread button (we are part of the Twitter exodus) is not being seen by most, we can’t afford that. #weareinnocent
3. Thanks to @eibart it was easy to also correct the omission of alt text in the original post.

Sorry to be a pain but we have to ask you to please consider sharing that one.

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I think we need to rub the gloss off this idea that there’s historically been a place where everyone can gather as equals and talk.

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Leaving Melbourne this morning with the schoolies horde.

Currently in a diner next to a group of straight presenting teen boys in board shorts, two of whom are sipping champagne and pretending to be on a first date: "I like long walks on the beach..." Etc. While their mates drink beers.

It's a little charming and honestly these days you can't really tell if it is homophobic or not.

Scientists at Cornell University suggest that onshore algae farms grown in regions that get a lot of sun (such as deserts) could produce all the protein needed to feed a population of 10 billion. Would you eat plant-based meats made with algae? As long as it's tasty, I'd happily give it a try!

#food #sustainability #FoodSecurity #foodsustainability

Damn, I really should have included that (second in thread about our situation) in the original post!
Please do engage with our story too, if you feel what happened to Arron Swartz is an injustice you shouldn’t ignore what is happening to us. - They are trying to kill us in the same way, already almost did.
This is not a drill, it’s real and we are in danger.
Stand with us in solidarity.

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Aaron Swartz would have been 36 today.
Aaron committed suicide after being sentenced to 35 years in prison by US authorities for transferring and sharing scientific articles from JSTOR.
Enabling access to knowledge was one of his main goals in life, as confirmed by many projects he undertook:
He and his colleagues started a digital library in 2007 with the goal of becoming an open catalogue of all works that have ever been published. More than 2.5 million books are freely available on it today.
He helped with the development of RSS and Markdown and Creative Commons licensing, all of which today plays a central role in the creation and distribution of content on the Internet.
Aaron is also recognized as one of the co-founders of the Reddit network and is one of the authors of the Guerilla Manifesto for free access (pc. if/gmanzof).

Swartz also fought for transparency and against corruption and censorship. In addition to coordinating protests and actions against internet censorship, he set up a platform SecureDrop which enables anonymous and safe communication for whistleblowers.

Federal prosecutors wanted to make an example out of his case, so despite the lack of evidence they wrote an indictment demanding 35 years in prison and 1 million dollars in fines. Days after prosecutors rejected his answering contract offer, Aaron committed suicide.

Limiting access to knowledge limits the development of the whole society. Free sharing and free access to content should be everyone's rights.

More from behind the paywall: “On that note, please for the love of all that's holy, we have to stop using the terms deemed acceptable by the status quo. There is no such thing as a culture war.”

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In the past week, we have lost two really impactful formerly incarcerated activists and I have lost two brothers in the fight for a more sensible criminal justice system in Michigan

Earl Burton and Daniel Jones have both passed away.

I am sending all of my love and empathy to their family, friends, and loved ones #RIP

The Mastodon experience is reminiscent of some graduate university mixers I attended. (God awful long ago.)

Example: School of Architecture events - Super interesting people, surprising dialogue, beautiful design, whacky ideas, deliberate inclusion, diversity celebrated. Inspiring. Even the music was new. The food meh, but the drinks, yikes! And there was always the scene on the balcony ...


Congratulations Mastodon. Go! Be great.

#Fediverse, #Mastodon, #introduction

It’s fun getting room service. I just love eating a $19 hamburger at a desk in front of a mirror.

I still get shocked surprise when I tell people that H G Wells wrote War of the Worlds after learning about the genocide inflicted by British colonists on the Aboriginal Tasmanians. It's right there in the foreword of the book.

#HGWells #WarOfTheWorlds #Indigenous #FirstNations #Aboriginal #lutruwita

The first computer bug was a literal bug.

To be exact, a moth.

On Sept 9, 1947, a moth got trapped in Harvard University's Mark II computer -- causing multiple errors.

This bug disrupted the electronics inside the Mark II.

Here's a photo of that first computer bug.

The problem is not simply that capitalism produces too much, but that it produces the wrong stuff: SUVs, fast fashion and planned obsolescence instead of public transit, affordable housing and universal healthcare. It overuses resources and still fails to meet even basic needs.

Today on Black Friday is the perfect day to sue the state over its insufficient climate policies.

So that’s what we did.

See you in court!

#Aurora #ClimateTrials #UprootTheSystem

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